Listening To Athena’s Music

Athena Burke in her studio

Today, after lunch, I went to Athena’s home and studio to hear a few of her newly recorded songs that will be on her next album.

During lunch, we talked about our Muses, a word neither of us would have used even just a few weeks ago.  Athena told me she writes music much the way I put make quilts.  By bringing together different pieces of music and words and stitching them into a whole song.

I love to listening to Athena sing.  Her voice is filled with nuance and emotion.  Some of the songs I’ve heard from her new album are bold, powerful and inspiring.  While others have a meaningful simplicity and ease.  Sometimes the words and music create a delightful juxtaposition (lemon curd is what comes to mind).

Athena’s  played some of  her songs on her piano, for me and our friend Mandy, when she first wrote them.  But the new versions, that she is producing for her album, are in the realm of creating music that is unimaginable to me.

I love talking to her about the process and trying to understand it all.  I love listening to the music she is creating.



2 thoughts on “Listening To Athena’s Music

  1. This touched me in a compelling way, Maria.
    I cannot live w/o music. I consume it, play it, write it, share it, perform it. Music is my therapist, my masseuse, my spiritual counselor, my inner fire & constant inspiration.
    I would love to know more about Athena! Especially the name of her new album! And how to buy it!
    Thanks so much for sharing this, Maria

    1. What a beautiful way that music is a part of your life Virginia. I will definitely let you know when Athena’s album comes out. I don’t know that she has a title for it yet. She does have a website that she’s updating and you can also see her on fb. Here’s links to both. website and fb

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