Three Pillows For Linda

Linda’s Pillows

I wasn’t sure if I could squeeze another pillow out of the last of the fabric I had to make the third pillow for Linda.

But this morning, after trying to do a few things on my fabric painting and none of it working out, I switched to working on the pillow.   And by this evening, I had it all pieced together found a piece of fabric for the backing, stuffed it and put in the last stitch.

I think Linda wants me to mail them directly to the people she’s giving them to.  Now I just have to name the, and  wait to get  the notes she wants me to include with the pillows and the addresses to send them to.

Linda has commissioned lots of quilts and pillows from me in the past few years. I alway enjoy working with her.  She is an artist too and understands the process of creating, buying and selling.

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