Junior, My Baby Mystery Snail is Growing Up

Some of you may remember the first time I saw Junior, the baby Mystery Snail, that mysteriously showed up in our fish tank.

He was so small,  I couldn’t get a picture of him with my iPhone.  But Jon took a photo with his camera.

Junior looked like a grape seed back then.

Now he’s big enough for me to see how he moves around on his single foot, antenna’s up and searching, his little mouth, with thousands of teeth, scarping the algae off a leaf or the side of the tank.

In this video you can see just how small Junior is compared to the Nerite snail (about the size of a quarter) that Junior is making his way towards.

Sometimes Junior disappears for days at a time.

When it first happened I though that he was dead.  But now I know that he’s  just out of sight.  He so small if he’s under a leaf or in the back of the tank, he’s easy to miss.  I never saw him move as quickly as he did in this video.

Junior is growing up.

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