Another Branch Woman, Asking To Be Seen


The torso of a Branch Woman.

Jon made his delicious scrambled eggs, we had croissant, sliced pears and bacon.  It was brunch with a couple of friends.

Jon, Susan and Abrah were yakking at the dinning room table and I got up to feed the woodstove.

I put in a few logs then held up the last one, arms length away.  “Look” I interrupted them, “It’s a Branch Woman and she she has a  vulva”.

Right there on the bark between her legs was the flowering slit.  And when I turned her around Susan saw the second woman behind the first, and she had a vulva too.

I held  the log by one leg and looking at her began to see who she really was, how I would being to bring her to life.

Another Branch Woman saved from the fire.  Things are going in the right direction….

Can you see the woman inside the branch?

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