Those Things Revealed

My fabric painting Shekinah, with the removed tulip.

“I’m like a sculptor” Sue, my dental hygenist said to me as she was cleaning my teeth.  “I take away what isn’t supposed to be there.”

In my mind I saw Michelangelo with a hammer and chisel chipping away at a giant block of marble.

That kind of sculpting was always beyond me.  I can’t begin to imagine how anyone could possibly do such a thing, even though technically, I understand the process.  Ever since I became aware of the difference,  I’ve known that I’m an additive sculptor, not subtractive.    I build a sculpture by adding one piece to another.

But ever since I began working with old quilts, I’ve begun to do some of “taking away what isn’t supposed to be there”.

I did it again today.

I walked into my studio this morning and immediately saw that I needed to remove the appliquéd flower on the bottom right side of my fabric painting.

It’s always interesting to me when this happens.  When I see, without a doubt, even if I don’t understand why, what I need to do next on a piece.

The other thing that made itself known to me today, with the help of MaryJean on facebook, was the resemblance of the horseshoe-shaped 102 buttons that I made yesterday, to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Dissent Collars.

I never head of the Dissent Collars, but when I looked into it, I saw just how right MaryJean was.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg started wearing the collars over her Supreme Court Robes, which were designed for men and their ties.  They became a symbol of her dissenting opinions to certain rulings.

I remember hearing Roseanne Cash in an interview once saying that she believed that songs were in the air for the plucking.  You just had to get them before someone else did.

That’s how I think about things like my 102 buttons resembling the Dissent Collars.  Ideas floating around in the air, bumping into each other,  waiting to be realized.






6 thoughts on “Those Things Revealed

  1. Elizabeth Gilbert talks about that very idea in her book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. She also did a podcast on creativity called Big Magic.

  2. I guess it’s the same notion I have, that all possible variations of music already exist. The “writer” is just the person who manages to hear a particular piece. Maybe that’s what it means to “have an ear for music”.

    I noticed that the only person who guessed wrong about the peehole in the snow was “Englishsheeplady” who thought exactly as I did that it was a jar of honey with crystals forming. Interesting!

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