My Little Pink Night Stand


My Little Pink night stand

Jon seems to have a feel for when Leslie at Shiny Sisters has something for us.

We walked into the shop on Main Street, that used to be my favorite Consignment Shop called NV,  and is now filled with  Leslie’s re-imagined furniture.

Leslie has a wonderfully eclectic taste in furniture and she knows when to re-work a piece and when to just clean it up and leave it as it is.

I walked over to the little pink table at the back of the shop like it was calling out to me.  “I just got that in,” Leslie said.

It’s was $35 and I knew it was mine because it looked just like something I would draw.

I saw the dirty,  rusty,  peeling white desk next.

I’d never seen anything like it before and my first thought was that Jon could use it in his office to help him keep things organized.  But he was thinking it would be perfect for me to use downstairs to put my computer on and do something creative with all those slots on the back of the desk.

So Jon didn’t get what he was looking for, and I got two things I wasn’t looking for.

The desk is sitting on the back porch.  I’m waiting for a warm day to clean it up.  The pink stand is my new night table. It fits perfectly in the small space between the bed and wall.

And I like seeing it just before I go to bed.

It has the feeling of a piece of furniture that might come alive at night when we’re sleeping. I can image it walking around on her long legs.  Or maybe even trying to convince some of the other furniture to dance with her.


4 thoughts on “My Little Pink Night Stand

  1. I saw the photo before I knew who posted, and my first thought was, this must be from Maria. Sure enough!! Enjoy this little beauty. Great find.

  2. I love your two great finds!
    I have three little old sewing tables with drawers in them that I use for bedside tables: one was originally my mom’s, and Marion & I bought the other two identical ones (only in better condition) at different times from a consignment store near us. I keep one for sewing stuff and thread, etc. as it was originally intended, and the other two are a great size for little bedside tables in our small bedrooms. It’s fun to watch familiar older things pop up on the consignment store website…the other day a dresser identical to our dad’s tallboy showed up on her website. Our dad bought his secondhand in 1940 and it is still going strong in my bedroom now! Truly amazing how quality furniture can last and last even while being much used and loved!

    1. The good thing about this kind of old furniture it that it usually is well made and when I’m done with it can sell it or pass it on to someone else.

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