Getting To Know Our Canada Geese

So well camouflaged, I spotted our Canada Goose couple in the pasture this morning.  Last night I watched them as they circled the farm before landing for the night.

I know that in many places Canada Geese are seen as a nuisance.  But even when I lived on Long Island, where they crowded golf courses and nested on the sides of parkways, I loved to hear them as they flew overhead, a sound of the wild in that man-made world.

In High School, I used to lunch with them.

The school bordered a park and I would take my lunch  to one of the park benches, preferring to be alone outside, to eating in the cafeteria.  I’d throw them pieces of my cheese sandwich and they learned to come when they saw me.

We get lots of geese flying over the farm.  There’s a lake to the north of us and marsh and a cornfield they spend the night in to the south.   But this couple is the only one that nests on the farm.

Canada Geese are so ubiquitous, I never though about them much, other than enjoying seeing and hearing them.  But having this couple nesting on the farm makes me want to learn more about them.


2 thoughts on “Getting To Know Our Canada Geese

  1. “Fly Away Home” is an older but dear movie, about some Canadian Geese that lose their parents, and a little girl and her father teach them to fly and migrate with an ultra light plane. It’s a version of a true story, and just a delight to watch! If you can rent the actual disc, there are extras that show the actual story. There are some documentaries as well, on Netflix, about training geese to migrate. Very well done and entirely absorbing! I adore Canadian Geese. Sure, the poop can be overwhelming in places, but hey – we invaded their territory, not the other way around.

    1. I remember that movie, Karla, but never saw it. I’m going to find it again or one of the documentaries about them. Thanks for the good idea. And you’re so right about us invading their territory. I can just image what they think of us building over their wetlands and waterways and filling their skies with airplanes and pollution.

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