The Shearer Comes On Saturday


That’s Izzy and Socks up front, Zelda behind Socks and Biddy in the background.

Liz, our shearer is coming on Saturday.

It seems like she was just here, but it was six months ago.  I love to watch Liz work because she does such a good job and the sheep are so calm around her.   This time all the sheep are getting shorn.  I’ll dye some of it and leave some natural.

I’ll get the wool back from the Vermont Fiber Mill in the fall, around the time to have the sheep shorn again.



2 thoughts on “The Shearer Comes On Saturday

  1. Wonderful vulva post! I used to aggravate a particularly nasty person with the vagina denta story. He was gay & seemed to have a deep dislike of women even though he liked to dress as a woman at times. If he got too ugly about things I would grin & snap my teeth at him. He had recurring dreams about me flying & sitting on the roof of my house. I seemed threatening to him in some fashion. Thankfully he is no longer welcome here & I hope he still dreams of me flying to the roof & looking down on him. Keep making yoni art. Let us all make yoni art, every one of us!

    1. That’s a pretty amazing story Marcia. I love your power in his dream! That’s the subconscious at work. I will continue making Yoni art and it seems so many other people are too. I wonder how it will eventually change the world…..

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