Katz n Wulf On Bedlam Farm, The 4th Podcast

We sat in Jon’s study listening to our fourth podcast we had just made.

Red was there the whole time, but Bud jumped onto Jon’s lap and Fate came in to see what was going on.

We don’t have a  podcast schedule.  So far we’re just making them when we feel like it.  And we don’t even officially have a podcast yet.  We’re still in the process  of having all the technical stuff done so that it’s easy to listen to and people can get it where they get other podcasts.

We decided on having a recording of our donkey Simon braying in the beginning instead of music.  On the podcast we did today, I played a video of Simon before our introduction and we talked a little about Simon.

Once again the conversation seemed to flow.

I have a habit of moving around when I talk (my hands are taking as much as I am) so sometimes my voice gets louder and lower.  I’ll have to get used to not moving around so much,  I’ll never not talk with my hands, but that doesn’t matter on a podcast.

Jon has so much more experience with this kind of thing, having been in TV and interviewed over the years on radio and TV,  that I could get overly critical of myself and my inexperience.  I suppose Jon could too, but he doesn’t.

He thinks what we’re doing is  great just the way it is.  And I don’t want to over think it either.  That part’s  about being comfortable with and accepting with who I am.

So here it is, the fourth podcast of Katz n Wulf On Bedlam Farm…





6 thoughts on “Katz n Wulf On Bedlam Farm, The 4th Podcast

  1. Jon, I just finished reading “A Good Dog” and loved it. I have read several of your wonderful books and have passed them on to my daughter who rescues Boston Terriers and has at times had to make the same serious choice that you made. Of course, I cried but your book and the humor also made me smile. To love our pets is a gift that is given to us when we least expect it. My
    Boston’s name is Ruby Tuesday and I could not love her more. My children say that she has replaced them.(They are all grown up and on their own}. I have come to know you through your wonderful books and admire you to all your efforts and love you give “your companions”. I have come to be fond of all of them. Keep up the good work. You and Maria are terrific.

  2. Hello Maria,

    I absolutely love your new podcast, that you, and Jon are doing!
    The range of topics, and the ease in which you two communicate, is fabulous, and makes me feel so happy, while listening.
    I wish you much luck in your new creative endeavor, and thank you for sharing your lives with all of us.


  3. I really enjoyed your podcast Jon and Maria! It reminds me of old fashioned living room visits with family and friends. Thanks for bringing us yet another way to share in your experiences at Bedlam Farm.
    Terri Brown in Idaho

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