From Scarves to Potholders

When I was looking though my hankies to make scarves this past week, I came across some hankies and linens that I thought would work as potholders.

So I put them aside and today I used them to make those potholders.

I also made a couple of Dragon Fly Potholders.  I still have some of that fabric left and the dragon fly is such a wonderful symbol of change, as well as a beautiful insect.

I’ll finish these early next week and put them up for sale in my Etsy Shop. 

6 thoughts on “From Scarves to Potholders

  1. I’m a strange sort of person. I can walk into a fabric store, yarn shop or even a really good linen department and almost cry I love the colors and patterns so much. Like you lose your breath it feels so good to look at all that wonderful stuff. I feel the same way when I look at your work. I so appreciate what you do. Thank you for putting yourself out into the world.

    1. Oh thank you so much Wendy. And I think I know that feeling. It actually reminded me of the way I feel when I walk into some libraries.

  2. Well Maria, I have a problem. I keep hoping that one day you will make a dull and dreary potholder which I would be happy to use until it gets too grubby and greasy to continue with it. But you never do! “Pot holders”? So badly named = miniature cloth works of art!

    But anyway, I really enjoy looking at them all so please keep posting photos of them.

    1. Ah you’re kind Erika. I do see them as art too, but functional art. And they function very well. they love to get greasy then clean again after a spin the washing machine. But I will keep posting them. Its one of the things I love about my blog. It’s that people can see my work and not have to own it.

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