Socks and Biddy Bumping Heads

After the sheep are shorn they sometimes don’t recognize each other.   Biddy and Socks started bumping heads  yesterday then Biddy started chasing Socks around the barn.

We usually keep all the sheep in the barn until they are all shorn.  They prefer to be together and if we let them out one by one after they were shorn, we risk letting some of the sheep out who still need to be shorn.

But there were only two more sheep to shear when they started chasing each other around so we let all the sheep who had been shorn out of the barn.  After that,  it only took Biddy and Socks a few minutes to figure out that they knew each other.

2 thoughts on “Socks and Biddy Bumping Heads

  1. I enjoy reading about your animals on the farm, and I know absolutely nothing about sheep. It was amusing that they didn’t immediately recognize one another after the shearing. Many years ago, we had a Keeshond dog that we shaved (in a pretty way) in the hot Georgia summer so that she would not suffer in the heat and humidity. Every year after her beauty treatment and haircut, when she came home the cats would hiss and run and hide from her for several days. I used to wonder if she smelled different or just looked so different, or maybe both. She always seemed so hurt by their treatment as they usually were all good friends!

    1. Im sure they didn’t recognize her Barbara. I always wonder why they can’t use their sense of smell for that kind of thing, but I’ve had dogs who went up to or were frightened by statues of dogs, so I guess they use their vision for more than I thought.

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