Slow and Steady, Working On The First Quilt For Ellen

I continued working on the first of the two that I’m making for  Ellen.    It’s coming together at a slow and steady pace.  When I get stuck I look at the quilt and say to myself, “Let it tell you want it wants”.  If I’m patient, it always does.

After taking this photo, and before I left my studio for the night, I picked up the remaining piece of solid green fabric that’s already in the quilt and placed it on the bottom.  It wasn’t  long enough to go across the whole width of the quilt, but knew what would be right next to it.  I had half a pair of a soft magenta pants (I had already used on leg of the pants on something else) and laid it down next to the green.

It was perfect, but I just didn’t have the energy to  cut it up and sew it down.  So that will be the first thing I do tomorrow morning.

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