Ruth and Wayne Have Chicks

Ruth and Wayne, the Canada Goose couple that nests at the farm every spring,  had their chicks.  They were all in the pond this morning.

We’re keeping Bud from chasing them, but he’s losing interest because now they won’t fly away.  I don’t know if they’ll stay in the pond, but I’ll keep an eye out for them.  Hopefully we’ll be able to watch them grow.

I thought their nest was on the other side of the pasture. It’s so well hidden  I’ve never  seen it yet.

4 thoughts on “Ruth and Wayne Have Chicks

  1. Congratulations. Good health and a safe and happy life to Ruth and Wayne.
    You are fortunate to have such a wonderful place with so much going on. Between the interests that you and Jon share,, all of the individual projects you have going on, and your wonderful animals. Bedlam Farm is an example of life going on in so many different ways. The Peaceable Kingdom is a wonderful world for all to see.

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