8 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 5/20/19

  1. What’s a little mud on a carrot between friends? I’m sure the 5 second rule applies to dropped carrots.

    I miss my neighbor’s 2 horses, who were the recipients of all the carrots too big for my dog to get her mouth around. Horses are a lot of work, and a big expense, and it got to be too much for them. I really miss them — but I wasn’t the one taking care of them.

    That birdsong was a delightful way to start the day! (even if the chickens didn’t agree).

    1. Lulu is much pickier than Fanny. She probably wouldn’t have eaten it. Fanny is more forgiving. I can image you’d miss the horses next door. There is something very different and special about equines and the way we attach to them.

    1. I so like stacking wood Jill. The corners are most fun. Although I’ve seen people do really creative things with their wood piles, creating archways and flowers and suns. I haven’t tired that yet.

  2. i like the way the sheep peer around the corner with the most curious look on their face when you first came out. lovely crew.

    1. I always like when they do that too Diane. I get the feeling they send a lookout and somehow relay the message, maybe through body language, back to the others in the barn.

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