I Am Enough, In The Music Room And The Garden

My I Am Enough Poster hanging on the music room wall at Bishop Maginn   Catholic School.

I was surprised and delighted  to see my I Am Enough poster hanging under a crucifix and next to the posters and origami butterflies, made by some of the students, in the new Music Room at Bishop Maginn Catholic School.  

(click here to see and hear a student at Bishop Maginn playing a keyboard, just donated by The Army of Good, in the new music room)

The message is an important one and it seems to speak to people of all ages and places.

Jill, from New Mexico, wrote to let me know she was buying my I Am Enough postcards to give to her friends who were making fun of her.

Jill’s take a nine day stay-cation to do some major projects around her house like…  “repairing a fence, spreading about 2000 pounds of compost…, moving the last 4 tons of gravel that need to go on the garden paths, etc.”

Her friends say she can’t do it all alone and should get some help.  Jill knows she can and plans on sending each of her friends an I Am Enough postcard when she gets done.

I love hearing the I Am Enough stories, so many of us have them.  If you have one and like to share it, just leave comment on my blog or you can email me here at [email protected].

You can buy my I Am Enough posters and postcards in my Etsy Shop, just click here.  Or you can send me a check to: Full Moon Fiber Art PO Box 205 Cambridge NY I2816.

The posters are 11×17 and are $20 including shipping and the 4×6  postcards are 6 for $12 including shipping.

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