Chronicles of Self-Awareness, Discovering Who We Are. Our Latest Podcast

Shadow Portrait of Jon and me

This is how it happens.  Jon and I are talking about something and one of us says, “That would make a good podcast.”

Our podcast has entered our lives the way all our creative tools do.   When we have an idea that could best be expressed by talking about it we choose the podcast to make it happen.

This morning Jon and I were talking about how we’re finding ourselves after a life time of, not knowing and hiding, who we really are.

You can hear the conversation we had about identity on our latest podcast Chronicles of Self-Awareness, Discovering Who We Are by clicking here.  

Or you can listen to any of our Katz and Wulf on Bedlam Farm podcasts at any time by clicking on the Podcast button on the top and bottom of my blog, or on iTunes or Google.

And let me know what you think….

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