Long Days

Jon and the dogs waiting out the storm.

I could see the lightning on the other side of Colfax Mountain, but the dark clouds seemed to quickly be moving south, so Fate and I kept walking up McMillan road.

The trees and grass were dripping green in the pre-storm light, and when the sky to the left of me    flashed with lightning I saw the deer in the field looking at me through a parting in the overgrown roadside grasses.  She stood out against all the green,  a warm fawn color, more red than brown.

Then the thunder rumbled louder and Fate and I turned back and got to the car just as it began to rain.

Once home, Fate slid into Jon’s lap as we all sat in the living room waiting for the storm to pass.  When I looked at my phone, I saw Jon’s message, Come home sever thunderstorm watch.

“I texted you”, Jon said “then heard your phone ping on the dining room table”. He was following the radar app on his phone and was only mildly upset.  My being out in storms, and him waiting for me to come home, goes back to the beginning of our relationship.

It turns out the storm was a quick one and far from “severe.”

Now the trees and grass are  dripping a quieter green.  The dark clouds have turned baby aspirin pink and periwinkle suede.      Our computers are back on.  I’m sitting on the front porch and I  can hear Jon clacking away on his computer,  thought the open window.

If Jon were out here with me, he’d have a ton of mosquito bites already, but they haven’t found me yet.

It’s 8:30 pm.  In the winter it would be dark out for hours by now and I’d be thinking of going to bed.  But these long days in the beginning of the summer keep me up.  I feel like I’m just getting started.


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