A Chipmunk and Goldfish

Chipmunk Pillow for Christine

I was in the zone, so when I finished designing the Chipmunk Pillow, I went right to designing the Goldfish Pillow.   I knew if I backed and stuffed the Chipmunk Pillow, I’d break the creative flow I was in.

Back and stuffing a pillow is like backing and tacking a quilt.  It’s a different head, a different way of thinking.

Even before making them into pillows, I had requests for pillows using the last four silk embroideries that Carolyn gave me.

Christine has two chipmunks, Harriet and Simon, who live under the bushes by her back door and wants the pillow to remind her of them in the winter.

Kitty showed me a photo of her petting a tiger and said it was an amazing experience.  She could feel the tiger’s energy thought her hand and her cat freaked out when she got home.

And Linda wanted to buy the Loon Pillow for her daughter, but it was already sold so she decided to get a couple of pillows for herself instead.

I doubt I’ll ever come upon silk embroideries like these again.  I was glad to be able to use them well and they opened me up to using these shiny, silky fabrics.

And now I have the money to pay for getting the month payment system on my blog (thank you everyone who bought a pillow!)  Chris at Mannix Marketing is going to let me know how long it will take.  Then I’ll let you all know.

Goldfish Pillow for Linda

2 thoughts on “A Chipmunk and Goldfish

  1. Maria, have you thought about framing some of your pillow or pot holders? I think they are beautiful and I bet the residents will think so too. I especially like the ones with nature in them. Just something to think about. Maybe for the individual rooms. I think the quilting is comforting.

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