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Lulu and Fanny patiently posing while I take their photo for my blog.

I am now able to receive monthly donations to my blog.  You can do that by clicking here or on the Support My Blog button on the top and bottom of my blog.

But let me explain…

It seems this option is and always was available.

I just didn’t know about it and apparently my web designer wasn’t aware of it either, till one of the technicians, who do this kind of thing, told them.

It’s really very simple, so simple, that I don’t quite trust it yet.

So I’m asking for your help.

Below it a picture of what comes up on Jon’s computer screen when he clicks on the Donate button at the bottom of my “Donate To My Blog” page.  (I can’t bring this up on my computer because PayPal won’t let me donate to myself).

This is what you should see on your computer when you click on the Donate button on the Support My Blog page on my blog.  On it, is the option for monthly payments.

And I can very clearly see the small box, just below the place where you type in the amount you want to donate, that a person can check if they want to make their donation a monthly one.

It’s that simple.

But what I’m not 100% certain about is if this option appears on everyone’s computer.  I did call PayPal and they said that it does, but Chris, from Mannix Marketing couldn’t find it on his computer when he called me yesterday.

So for anyone out there who is interesting in making a monthly contribution or even a one time contribution,  to my blog, I’d really appreciate it if you let me know if the small box with the option for making monthly payments is what you see on your computer too.

Thanks you to everyone who has already donated to my blog and to everyone who asked for this monthly option.

I have my fingers crossed…


10 thoughts on “Making Monthly Contributions To My Blog

  1. Hi Maria,

    I have made my commitment to donate monthly to your blog and love to do that but I am old fashioned and am comfortable sending a check each month. You can count on that. It’s small but would expand easily as my finances allow. I am writing to tell you that I appreciate your apprehension over technology and this is important so I went to the Support My Blog button and then had to click on Donate to get to the box you spoke of and it was there. Just wanted to let you know that it works on my computer. Good luck with this.

    1. Wendy, I get your check every month and really appreciate it. And what you send isn’t a small amount it’s perfect. I really appreciate your checking out the Support my blog button and taking the steps to see if it works. Thanks so much!

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