Wildflowers Under The Night Sky

Our back pasture is knee high with wildflowers. Bergamot, oregano, yarrow, daisies, clover, and so many more I can’t identify.

I opened the gate this morning so Fate could cool off in the pond, but the donkeys and sheep weren’t interested in leaving the cool of the pole barn.

I have a feeling though,  there’ll be out there tonight, under the stars and the waxing crescent moon. Just the thought of it makes me want to join them, picking a bouquet of wildflowers under the night sky.

2 thoughts on “Wildflowers Under The Night Sky

  1. I so enjoy your posts! I am taking care of my husband who recently had open heart surgery. He has been ill for 6 years. I have been mostly home except for medical appointments with him. Reading about Bedlam Farm, your beautiful art work, the Army of Good, and the care given to the residents at the Mansion and the students in the Catholic school gives me peace and hope for our country. Thank you for sharing your life. Fran

    1. How nice to hear from you Fran. Sorry to hear about your husband, hope he heals quickly from his surgery. And I’m glad you get some enjoyment from both my and Jon’s blog. Take good care of yourself too.

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