“Faithful Light”

I pulled Jon’s sweatshirt around me. Hood up, knees to chest, hands hidden in sleeves, the bottom of the sweatshirt tucked under my feet.  It was a cool night, but covering up also kept the mosquitos from biting.

I saw the orange glow from the tip of the moon, over the tree tops on the edge of the farm, as I closed up the chicken coop.   Lately I’ve been working late, getting into the house around 10pm.

But last night I wanted something different.  I wanted to be outside with the moon.

I sat captivated.  The moon was so alluring I wanted to take her picture, but she wasn’t having it.  Her brilliance was lost on my iPhone.   I’ll just admire her instead, I thought,  create a picture with words if I can.

Once she cleared the trees, the moon went from orange to yellow and the darker the sky, the more she glowed white. I watched her slip into the bottom of a low black and blue cloud that towered up into the night sky.

That’s when I decided I would stay,  watching till she rose above it.

Thin moon light gave definition to the  bottom edge of the cloud, making it appear like a massive flat shape in the sky.  But as the moon moved up, it lit the cloud from inside, softly coloring and shading the cloud giving it dimension.

And every once in a while a pin prick of intense light appeared as the moon passed by a hole in the cloud.  It was so slow I couldn’t see any movement, but at the same time, quick enough to last only seconds.

Darkness came as the moon ascended the cloud until I could only hear the apples fall from the tree I was sitting under, but could no longer see them.

When, finally, the moon made her way out of the cloud she lit up not only the sky, but the ground in front of me.  And I saw the sheep grazing behind the fence, where they had been all along,  dark flat shapes, outlined in  moonlight.

The few stars or planets, (I’m not sure which they were) faded or disappeared as the almost full moon emerged high in the sky.

Minnie jumped up on the bench next to me.  I scratched her ears, and began singing… I’m being followed by a moon shadow, moon shadow, moon shadow…

15 thoughts on ““Faithful Light”

  1. Looks like the perfect late summer evening and you described it perfectly. Now I’m going to have Cat Stevens in my head the rest of the day. (My favorite was always Wild World) Thanks for the beautiful night sky and memory of that song.

  2. Hi Maria. When I pulled up your blog this afternoon I took one look at your Moon photo and gave a little squeal. I caught virtually the very same image on my phone last night here in North Carolina! Likewise, my phone didn’t do the actual image any justice, and I decided to just stand in the dark and watch and listen to the crickets, katydids, and toads singing their summer night songs. You painted a lovely picture with your words – what a sacred time – surrounded by the natural world and the animals you love so much.

    1. That is kind of amazing Kate, we had the same experience. We are connected by the moon! Makes me wonder how many other people did the same….

  3. WOW !! Amazing photo, Maria.
    The moonlight was so bright and clear last night. I watched it creep slowly across my bedspread while I was trying unsuccessfully to get to sleep. After it finished with my bedroom, the moon slowly swung around to the west. The backyard was totally lit up as if daytime, a sight to behold.

  4. Haven’t heard Moon Shadow in some time so thank you, Maria, for posting it. I had forgotten how happy and hopeful it made me feel. It still does. Now it will be stuck in my head. Thank you for this uplifting moment.

  5. Your writing is memorizing, magical and visual. I can feel your writing coming from deep within. So beautiful. I love Cat Stephen’s. Perfect song.

    1. Thank you Janet. When I was sitting outside I wondered if I’d remember what I saw, but it all came back the next morning, it was like I was watching the moon again.

  6. Maria, your most memorable line for me. . .until I could only hear the apples fall from the tree I was sitting under. . .
    beautiful. Thank you for that from this farmgirl/woman. Thank you. Veronica

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