Alligator, Still As A Rock

The old Lion House at the Bronz Zoo is now dedicated to some of the animals from Madagascar.    In this environment, I  loved watching the alligator be as still as the rocks, as much I enjoyed watching the fish swim around her.


2 thoughts on “Alligator, Still As A Rock

  1. I wonder what keeps her from grabbing a snack from the parade of fish swimming by I recently binged watched the show on Animal Planet called “The Zoo”, watching the keepers and their relationships with their animals at the Bronx Zoo. What a wonderful zoo! You guys on the East coast are lucky to have such a world class zoo.

    I live in the Los Angeles area and of course, I can visit the San Diego zoo. But watching this series was so interesting because we could see things everyday visitors cannot.

    If you haven’t seen this series, I highly recommend it!

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