Rosemary Stickers

My new sticker with Rosemary on it.

I just ordered a new sticker, this one has my sheep Rosemary on it.  I can’t resist the special sticker deals that StickerMule (a company based not far from me in Amsterdam NY) has and how quick and easy it is to make and get them.

I already have stickers with my Flying Vulva and one of my Goddess’ on them.  I like to put these on some of the packages that I mail out.  Since I’m getting two new sheep on Sunday, I thought this photo of Rosemary on a sticker was timely.

Rosemary will be the perfect ambassador to put on next springs wool packages.

3 thoughts on “Rosemary Stickers

  1. This is just such a perfect portrait of her face. Beautiful. I love your stickers. My car has the flying vulva and somd stickers from another artist I follow named Bailey Bernendon,she does sone quirky art. Love her and you Maria

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