Thirty Second Meditation, In The Woods

Because of the cold, I knew I wouldn’t have to even think about ticks today.  So I went to the woods behind the farm, knocking down the tall grasses as I walked.

The snow on the Gulley Bridge was untouched, but I did see footprints in the woods from the bobcat whose tracks I saw for the first time last winter along with rabbits, deer, mice (they have a line between the feet that their tail makes) and something that looked like a small fisher.

There were a lot of small dead trees that fell on the path since I last walked it.   I moved the ones I could and next time I’ll go back with a clipper to clear what I can. The bench that Ed Gulley made was turn upside down.  I can only guess a person did that, but I can’t imagine why.

I visited the old Shag Bark Hickory and walked the perimeter of our property.  Fate ran and ran, then met me on the other side of the gate where the sheep and donkeys were picking what grass they could find out of the thin layer of snow.

Fate through the bark of the Old Shagbark Hickory


2 thoughts on “Thirty Second Meditation, In The Woods

  1. Oh Maria do be careful with those ticks. Hermann just found out he has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and is on Antibiotics for the next ten days. We don’t know if he got bit in Connecticut or here in Tennessee because he is always out in the yard and woods. Thanks again for the dahlias.

    1. It was good an cold yesterday snow on the ground Uta, so there were not ticks. I’m sorry to hear about Herman. It’s good he’s on Antibiotics. And I love to think that you’ll have some of the same dahlias as we do!

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