Zinnia And Bud, Friends


Fate is still trying to figure Zinnia out, but she and Bud are like old friends.  Bud is gentle with her even when she bites on his ears.   They love to play in the back yard.  It’s good for them and for us.


4 thoughts on “Zinnia And Bud, Friends

    1. Yes, Cathy I bet that’s true. Although he really doesn’t seem to know small he is. I have a feeling they will continue to play, maybe at some point Fate will join in too.

  1. Maria – Zinnia is absolutely adorable! I love seeing puppies playing with their older housemates. What a great way to tire them out and get some of the puppy craziness out without having it directed at you! It’s one of the benefits of having multiple dogs in the house; I have 3, too. 🙂


    1. it really does make a difference having other and older dogs in the house Pam. I can see the effect on Zinnia clearly. Three dogs is a good number I think.

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