“Zelda” Doily Woman Postcards For Sale In My Etsy Shop

Zelda, Postcards for sale in my Etsy Shop. Six for $12 including shipping

I picked up my “Zelda” Doily Woman postcards on the way home from Bishop Maginn School where Jon and I brought Zinnia today (you can read all about that here).

As usual, they were waiting for me on the front counter at A&M Printers.  I picked up the postcards, waved to Brad who was in the backroom, thanked him and left.  Sometime before the end of the month, I’ll get a bill in the mail for them.

I am very happy to have a paper image of Zelda.  Like I wrote yesterday, I miss her.  But now I can send her out to people and everyone in between the process will get to see Zelda too.

And, of course, I’m selling packs of Zelda postcards in my Etsy Shop.  So even more people will see her that I don’t even know.  Mailart like this is so democratic because the image can be inexpensively owned by so many people.

I’m selling six 4″x6″  “Zelda” postcards for $12 including shipping.  You can buy them here. 

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