Scattered Crystals of Ice


Cattail fluff

The mist this morning seemed to randomly scattered crystals of ice all over the farm.

A few tiny crystals clung to a spider’s strand, between the pasture gate and post, bending it like beads on a necklace.

A bit of fluff, not more than a half-inch long hanging from one of the cattails in the marsh became a cluster of jewels when the sun shone through it.

I walked around the farm with the macro lens on my iPhone taking pictures.  I got these two that I liked.

Ice crystals on a spider strand.  Maybe you can make out the barn and sheep in the background.

6 thoughts on “Scattered Crystals of Ice

  1. Maria, Just gorgeous. The compuer sytstem broke down here at work yesterday and thousands affected. Now we are way behind and I want to say so much about this beautiful mist but my mind scrambled.

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