Talking To Fate

Fate is beginning to show a little more curiosity about Zinnia.

This evening she stood over Bud and Zinna while they played, pretending not to see them.  I’m not really sure what she’s doing but Bud and Zinnia didn’t seem to notice her.

As she stood there, I tried to tell her that Zinnia was just another dog.  Remember how much fun you had with Gus I thought, then pulled up images in my mind of the three of us walking in the woods together.  I pictured when Bud first came home and then the two of them playing together.

I don’t know if any of what I tried to communicate got through to Fate. After a while, she just snarled at the two dogs, who never stopped playing with each other, and walked away.

Zinnia seems unfazed by Fate.  She still tries to play with her, getting in her puppy crouch and barking until Fate lunges and Zin runs off picking up a toy to entice her or going after Bud.

I have no doubt Zinnia will get through to Fate eventually.  It may just take longer than I thought it would.

3 thoughts on “Talking To Fate

  1. It seems that Fate protects her heart. Once she let’s herself fall in love, she won’t be able to get enough of that adorable puppy. Love watching it all unfold. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. i think that it’s a female thing, although i know males have their testosterone thing. anyway hopefully if we spend enough time together we come around. best wishes.

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