Frozen Morning

I didn’t realize just how cold it was out this morning, even though the trees were covered in ice until I saw Bud hopping around outside trying to keep his feet warm.

It was below zero but warmed up as the sun came over the tree line.

This afternoon I went for a snowshoe with Fate but the Gulley Bridge was flooded.  So we turned back and saw that the sheep and donkeys had followed us out to the pasture.

Sometimes I think that the twin boys Asher and Issachar are part goat.  They were knee-deep in the snowy marsh munching on the tall grasses.

Rosemary was the only other sheep to venture further in the snow, nibbling on the bare branch of a bush.  I think Lulu was unhappy with the whole thing.  After she let out a bray, everyone turned and followed her back to the pole barn.

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