In The Woods

I don’t really know how to express what I feel as I walk through the woods.

I know my mind empties and with each breath, my chest feels like it’s opening wider and wider. My legs and feet move as if they know where to go.

But those are just words, a description of my body.  The feeling itself I can’t describe.  Maybe it comes out in my art.  If it does, I can’t imagine what it looks like.


8 thoughts on “In The Woods

  1. There is nothing like a good walk in the woods to appreciate nature and get the creative juices flowing! Is that an almost total large round stone at the base of the tree? Beautiful!

    1. It is Linda, it’s what attracted to me that spot to begin with. I went to look at thinking someone must have just placed it there, but there was moss growing on it and the rocks around it as if it’s been there a while. Then of course Fate got curious too.

  2. That first photo has the feel of a forest creature gazing out at the world from inside its den. It made me think of Freida and how she survived in the wild. Fate is lucky to be able to run and explore in the woods without having to hunt down her next meal to survive. Nice photos!

  3. I spotted a young border collie at the facility where I teach yoga and thought of Fate. This dog was hyper alert, had her head cocked, and her butt twitching, at the ready!

  4. “Welcome Home”
    by Parker J. Palmer

    Alone in the alien, snow-blown woods,
    moving hard to stay warm in zero weather,
    I stop on a rise to catch my breath as the
    setting sun—streaming through bare-boned
    trees—falls upon my face, fierce and full of life.

    Breathing easier now, in and out with the earth,
    I suddenly feel accepted—feel myself stand
    easy, strong, deep-rooted as the trees,
    while time and all these troubles disappear.

    And when (who knows how long?) I trudge
    on down the trail and find my ancient burdens
    returning, I stop once more to say No to them—
    not here, not now, not ever again—reclaiming
    the welcome home the woods have given me.

    1. Wow Jonne, you made me cry this morning, in a good way (of course) That is just how I feel. Thank you for the wonderful poem. thank you.

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