Kitchen Mouse Potholders All Sold

Quiet As A Mouse, one of my Kitchen Mouse Potholders that sold this morning.

I just got back from lunch and was going to write about my Kitchen Mouse Potholders for sale but when I opened my Etsy Shop to link to it, all the potholders were gone.  At first, I thought that something when wrong and for some reason, after I posted them in my shop they were deleted.

But then I saw that they were all sold.

So that’s the last of my Kitchen Mouse Potholders.  They came from a linen towel that Carolyn gave me and I made and sold fifteen in all.


Mouse Friends, another of the sold potholders

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Mouse Potholders All Sold

  1. One more mouse story. The potholders I bought are for a friend who has a small “mini-farm” with chickens, mini-donks, small goaties, cats and a dog along with lots of veggies and flowers. Having chickens led to having lots of tiny mice which she would catch in live traps and release in great mouse places later on. These tiny mice lived with the chickens in peace and were very bold with us humans, sitting and waiting for the feed bowls to be lowered and/or filled. Becky kept count of these little critters – starting with close to 20 in the trap the first day and catching mice for several weeks as the count lowered to 2 or 3. I’m sure there are always a couple of resident mice but nothing like that one prolific year. I always had fun farm sitting while she was away. She’ll love these potholders in her blue kitchen and it’s fun for me to surprise her with a gift. Thanks again. Linda

    1. Linda, that’s a great mouse story! I love that the potholders are going to people who truly appreciate these little creatures as much a pain they can be. Thank you for the story.

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