Using My Compostable Envelopes For The First Time


Mailing out my potholders in my noissue compostable mailers. 

Zinnia sniffed at the pile of potholders in my new compostable envelopes I was taking to the post office as if she were about to take a bite.  I can’t blame her, being that they’re corn-based, they do smell good.

I used my new mailers for the first time today and I was happy with how they worked.

But I am interested in how people feel about them on the receiving end.  So if you bought one of my latest Gardener’s Potholders(or any of my future work that I ship in them) if you want to, I’d love to hear from you.

You can also reuse these mailers (as I’ve done with the Amazon plastic bubble envelopes that we get in the mail), you can stuff them full without having to worry about them ripping and they’re waterproof.  They also take up less space and weight in the UPS truck on their way to my house and in my closet.

And of course, even if you don’t have a compost pile to put them in, they’ll biodegrade in six months in a landfill leaving no harmful residue behind.

I just have to keep them away from Zinnia.


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