Two Tree Stumps

I looked down on the knee-high, stump of a young tree sprouting green mushrooms and thought of the yellowish-green swirling dots I had just finished drawing on the background of my Twin Healing Trees fabric painting.

Not the same but similar.

Here the circles of the tree rings were not seen flat like when cut by a chainsaw, but three dimensional like the ruins of a castle.   I also saw the swirls and circles I made earlier with my greenish/yellow marker in the growth rings of the mushrooms.

Such a beautiful tree stump, dead, but so alive.

Then on my walk, I came to another tree stump.  This one hollowed out and big enough for me to sit inside of.  And when I did, right in front of me was a conical leaf, strung on a strand of, what I assume is, spiders web.

Even when battered by the wind, the stand held tight.

There had to be a story here.  The leaf was too much like a cocoon or nest for a small creature.  And the strand so strong.  There was nothing inside the leaf, but it was all seemed much too intentional to just be there for my pleasure.



12 thoughts on “Two Tree Stumps

  1. Maria,
    I do not have paypal, but would like to purchase one of your potholders. Is this possible? I purchased a beautiful Betts fish today and am going to keep him at the library where I work. My co workers have named him blue, he is a beautiful blue. I almost purchased two snails today but may wait for warmer weather. My bowl is only a gallon and I have to research whether they can be in with a Betts fish.

    1. I do have paypal marsha, I’ll email you about the potholders. I’m going to be posting them in my Etsy shop this evening. I love that you got a betta for the library. And you can put a snail in with him. There is one in with my betta Princess. Also, a friend just got two shrimp for her betta tank too. Seems their fine with these other animals.

  2. Amazing! You have an artist eye for natures beauty. I have some heirloom seeds that I would like to share with you if you are interested? Outhouse Hollyhocks and dried beans. You plant the beans in the spring keep them in the garden till fall and they dry up. Then I shell them out to use in soup and other dishes.

    1. Oh Marsha, I’d love some of your seeds. I have one Hollyhock that grows near our chimney. I must have planted some seeds and forgot about them. But now it comes back every year. If you do send them, please remind me about how to grow and harvest the beans, I may not remember. Thank you!

  3. Love this video. That leaf looks like a tiny dancer swirling and twirling in the wind. It’s amazing what you can find in nature if you just take the time to look. It’s like entering a different world. Thanks.

    1. I went into the woods thinking I’d find a video out there like this Barbara. I just knew it was there somewhere. I didn’t have to look far, suddenly it was right in front of me!

  4. What beautiful woods you have Maria! Yikes! That sound like something the big bad wolf would say to Little Red Riding Hood! But how true! Your stump photo is gorgeous. And the spinning cocoon leaf reminds me of a single wind chime…so peaceful…

    1. How interesting that you’d conjure the Big Bad Wolf, On that walk for some reason I thought of leaving breadcrumbs to mark my path. I guess the woods do evoke those fairy tales. The leaf was definitely like a single windchime. I like that!

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