Finishing Up Twin Healing Trees

I spent the day working on my Twin Healing Trees fabric painting.  I drew the backing using permanent marker.  Then I found the right fabric for a border…

Piecing together the batting on the back of Twin Healing Trees.

I had to piece together some batting on the back of the piece after sewing on the border.  Then I found a green piece of fabric for the backing that was just the right size.  I’m sewing it on by hand because I didn’t want any stitching on the front of the piece.   I’m planning on finishing it tomorrow morning.

6 thoughts on “Finishing Up Twin Healing Trees

  1. I love the background! It looks like the universe and maybe “infinite possibilities.” To me, this is a joyful painting. Pensive, but joyful.

  2. So glad you got to work on your ‘Healing Trees’ after the stressful turn of events with your friend needing to go to hospital. It looks great, and sure it will be on its way to a new home soon. Hope the ‘hands on’ creative time helped you work through some of the stress – and did prove to be ‘healing’.

    Surprised no-one else has spotted / mentioned, the leggings are made out of the fabric with birch tree trunks on, just ideal!

    Can’t wait to see how the completed item turns out, and what you feel like working on next…..

    1. Ah you saw that in her leggings Hannah! They made the perfect stripes. And you’re so right, I hadn’t thought of the healing part about working on the piece. I guess I was too “in” it.

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