Four Vintage Hankie Scarves For Linda

The first scarf for Linda.

I spent the morning doing shipping and paperwork. So when I got into my studio after lunch, my mind was free to focus on my creative work.

A few weeks ago Linda wrote to me and asked me if I could make her four Vintage Hankie Scarves.  I have lots of white hankies some with beautiful little embroidered flowers on them or tatted edges, but not a lot of colorful hankies that I use to make scarves.

So I looked through my stash and found enough hankies for about three scarves.  But before I emailed Linda back to let her know, I received a box in the mail from Sally.  And in it were a bunch of vintage hankies.

Were the Vintage Hankie Goddesses at work, wanting this to come together?  I don’t know, but it’s not the first time something like this has happened.

So, when I got back to Linda, I was able to agree to make her the four scarves.

This afternoon felt like the perfect time to start making them.  Still feeling a little low from being sick, I wanted to make something that was gentle, something slow.

Because the fabric that the hankies are made from is thin, I have to sew slowly so they don’t bunch up.  Unlike most cotton’s or some of the heavier fabrics I usually sew with, these are delicate and need to be treated gently. They can’t be hurried.

I don’t take a lot of commissions, but I always like working with Linda.   She leaves all the creative decisions to me and always pays for some or all of the work upfront.

I also have a collection of Linda’s mail art, in the form of small paintings on postcards,  scattered throughout the house.

I made two scarves today and will make two more tomorrow.

The second Scarf


4 thoughts on “Four Vintage Hankie Scarves For Linda

  1. Those are beautiful, Maria. My daughter was wearing one of your scarves when she visited a few months ago. I didn’t know it was one of yours and I sat in the cafe as we talked and envied her her scarf. She is from New York City and so I was thinking it was some sophisticated boutique buy that I would never find. I told her, “I envy you your scarf. I love it.”
    She said, “well, you ought to love it, you gave it to me.” She unwound it from her neck and I realized it was a vintage hanky scarf. Every time she visits she looks at a window where I have two of them hanging . They are so beautiful in the window, I can’t take them down to wear. She always says quite pointedly, “you know, you can’t have too many scarves.” So I have ordered 4 more and one will go to her. These are beautiful.

    1. What a great story Linda! I’m going to reprint that on my blog. I do have to say I love that the scarf appeals to your NYC daughter. That it can be appealing to such a wide age range. I know an 80 year old woman who gave one to her twenty-something granddaughter and bought one for herself too.

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