News From The Barnyard, Griselle Butts Zinnia


It was warmer today and Fate cooled off in the pond after chasing the sheep.

There were two pieces of Jon’s homemade pizza leftover from Friday’s dinner.  By today they were stale, the perfect treat for the donkeys.

Fanny was happy to eat hers, but Lulu can be fussy and she dropped her piece in the snow. I thought Fanny or one of the sheep would get it, but as I was mucking out the barn Zinnia came running in, chomping down on what I thought was frozen donkey manure.

It turned out to be the pizza and as she laid down in the barn doing some serious chewing, Griselle came up behind her, lowered her head and butted Zinnia in the butt.  Zinnia stood up but didn’t turn around, continuing to chew her pizza.

Then Griselle did it again, this time pushing Zinnia forward a few inches.  But Zinnia didn’t seem to notice and just kept chomping away (the pizza was really hard).

This time I called Zinnia out of the barn and away from Griselle who joined the other sheep at the feeder.

I don’t know why Griselle butted Zinnia instead of just walking around her as the sheep usually do.  Maybe she wanted the pizza.

But Zinnia wasn’t giving it up and was unimpressed with Griselle’s butts.

The donkeys were very happy to eat their hay in the barn today.

4 thoughts on “News From The Barnyard, Griselle Butts Zinnia

  1. I’ll bet Red and Fate wouldn’t have tolerated being pushed in the butt while they ate. Zinnia is indeed a good-natured forgiving dog, perfect for those future therapy visits.

    1. You’re so right about Zinnia being good for therapy visits, how nothing will bother her. I bet they don’t have this test to become a therapy dog!

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