Emily Gold’s Artist Books

One page of one of an Art Book by Emily Gold

Along with going to MASS MoCA today, we visited the North Adams Library to see an exhibit by my fellow Bellydancer Emily Gold.

Her Artist Books filled up a glass case in one room of the library and her framed collages hung on the wall in another.

I don’t know what Emily had in mind for the image above, but I see it as a contemporary Little Red Riding hood.  Her people and animals are whimsical, filled with color, texture and feeling. They all seem to be telling a story.

Emily’s art is small and intimate in some was, inviting me into them.  Yet her images and colors also burst off the paper grabbing my attention.

As I kept looking as her books I started to imagine them big enough to fill the big gallery space at MASS MoCA.  Can you imagine it? Giant folded books that you could walk around and into…

You can see more of Emily’s work here on her blog paper cake scissors.  Or on Instagram @emilypapercake.

By Emily Gold

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