Making Some Potholders

I recognize the notepaper with the flowers on top, but there’s never a signature or return address.  Usually, there’s a $5 bill with a short note thanking Jon for the work he doing and donating the money towards his latest cause.

This time the envelope was filled with small squares of fabric with Boston Terrier faces on them.

Today I was inspired to use some of them to make a few potholders.   I’ve been so busy filling orders for my Twin Healing Tree magnets (I just placed another order for 50 more magnets) postcards and posters that I’ve neglected keeping my Etsy Shop stocked with potholders.

So I dedicated the day to making potholders. I made some with the Boston Terrier fabric and then started a few more snail potholders.  (I sold five of the six from the first batch and haven’t finished them yet).

I only got as far as drawing the snails (using my sewing  machine of course) and will add the rest of the fabric to them tomorrow.

I had space on the fabric I was using to make one more snail, but decided to make a tree instead.  I just needed to do something I different.

The Boston Terrier Potholders I designed today and the beginnings of a few more Snail Potholders plus the Tree.


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