Rain In The Swamp Meditation

Big heavy drops of rain made bubbles as they hit the shallow water in the swamp.  I crouched under the cover of a pine tree, held my hand over my iPhone and took this video.

I hope you find it as calming as I felt being there.


13 thoughts on “Rain In The Swamp Meditation

  1. Maria, thank you so very much for posting your calming meditations. My Minneapolis zen center has closed temporarily to ward off Covid19 and I’ll be practicing from home. I just wanted you to know what a blessing I find these peaceful posts.
    All good things to you and Jon and your animals

    1. I’m sure you’ll miss your Zen Center, especially now Linda. And although it’s not the same as practicing with other people, just like my Bellydancing, we can practice at home alone.

  2. That was so soothing, Maria. More Nature is exactly what we need right now. Thanks for getting wet and sharing.

  3. Thanks so much for posting the rain in the swamp meditation. I just sat & did some deep breathing & felt the calming sense of Nature & Peace. My Gentle Yoga class is not meeting for two weeks, so this nature meditation filled that void. Thanks you sharing.

    1. Ah that’s good to hear Mary Ann. It seems all our classes are closing when we could use them most. But we can do this kind of thing for each other. I will look for more meditative videos in my woods to post.

  4. How blessed you are to live in such a nice area, animals, woods, trees and a stream……… thank you for sharing!

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