The Horned Animal

I stopped myself from putting this piece of wood in the woodstove.  It looked too much like some kind of horned animal.

I decided to crochet it with some of the Bedlam Farm Wool that my friend Suzy Fatzinger hand-spun and gave to me.

I’m figuring it out as I go along…

2 thoughts on “The Horned Animal

  1. As soon as i saw the first photo I thought of the famous skull paintings by Georgia O’Keefe. And then as your crochet formed a cocoon around it, it took on a friendlier, cozier feel. I look forward to seeing who it becomes.

    1. I crocheted over a cow skull that I found in a dump on the side of the road when I lived in New Mexico in 2002. I don’t have that piece anymore but it and originally Georgia Okeefe, were my inspiration for this.

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