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Fate and Fanny

On Friday I sold the last of my Twin Healing Tree Magnets.  When I tried to order more from Stickermule the company that makes them,  I was told that they’re only filling essential orders. That means labels and envelopes.

I put my order in any way know that as soon as they’re allowed to get back to filling all their orders mine will be on the way as quickly as usual.   They’re a good company to work with, located in Amsterdam New York, not far from where we live, and  I want to keep supporting them as so many of you have continued to support me.

So, thank you everyone who has continued to buy my art and donate to my blog.

I’ve also sold out of some of my posters and postcards and am running low on my business cards too.  Those are all printed by A&M Printers who are located in our small town and are also closed.  Once they reopen I’ll be able to order more from them, doing my part to help them get back to business too.

Inspired by my friend, the artist, and baker Emily Gold, I have added coloring pages to my Etsy Shop.

(Emily has coloring pages for sale on her blog papercakescissors, with sayings on them.  You can see and buy them here)

The coloring pages are something I don’t have to rely on anyone else to create.  As long as whoever wants one has a printer they’re available and never run out.  Unlike my Potholders which are selling as quickly as I make them (Thank you!).

So thank you all once again for continuing to be there for me.

I’m grateful to be able to continue doing my work during this time and hope my videos, photos and watching my creative process bring you a bit of joy.


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  1. Tomorrow we have to put down our most beloved elderly Cole. We will bury him on our property as we try to do with our animal friends. Because of his magnificent natural self and as a tribute to him I wanted something of great beauty to wrap him in. I went through stacks of materials and none were of enough meaning and beauty. That’s when I remembered Turtle Quilt. I had put it away because over the years some silk squares had shredded. I t feels right to wrap our most beloved friend in. Thank you for it’s 8 years of service to us and now this last beautiful memorial.

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