Painting The Front Porch

scraping and painting the front porch

I don’t know if I would have painted the shakes on the front porch if Jon hadn’t mentioned it. Soon the flowers will grow tall enough in front of them and I won’t even see the old pealing paint.

A part of me was afraid to start scraping them.  Some are so rotted they’re frayed at the edges more like hair than wood.  And then, with an old house, there’s always the mystery of what’s behind the soft and curling wood.

More rotting wood?

A few years ago we had one corner of the porch replaced because it was rotting.  But the rest was still in pretty good condition.  So I’m hoping it still is.

Today by painting the shakes on the front porch I feel like I’m helping to preserve it for a while anyway. And I found, to my surprise, that most of the shakes were in pretty good condition and really just needed a coat of paint.

It was the perfect day to do it too.  It hasn’t rained in a while so they were all dry.  And it’s a warm sunny day so they’ll dry completely before tomorrow’s rain.

I’ve had the paint in the basement since last year but never got to it.  Now it feels good to have it done.  And I think the flowers will look even prettier in front of the fresh paint.

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