My Fate

Fate is a serious dog.  She knows what she wants (to be with the sheep) and is driven, determined, and dedicated.  She’s an uncomplaining stoic and can be grumpy especially around Zinnia.

But she also loves people.

The only time she wags her tail wildly is when she sees a person other than me or Jon.  It can be a stanger walking down the street or someone she’s met before, she doesn’t distingush.

Fate shows affection to Jon by climbing into his lap.  With me she leans her whole body into me, much like the donkeys do.

We spend our days together.  Her sleeping while I work in my studio. Both of us walking in the woods and taking care of the donkeys and sheep twice a day.

2 thoughts on “My Fate

  1. My time at home teaching remotely has given me more time with my sweet Corina. She is definitely enjoying extra walks in the prairie grass and hanging out with me during virtual school. She has taken up residence in my sewing room happily chewing on her bones while I sew. She is a gift and I am blessed to have her. Thank you for all of your photos, and videos. They are a bright spot in these uncertain days. Blessings to you and Jon!

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