Corona Kimono 4/29/20…

Our friends Kitty and Charlie came by today to get some donkey manure for their gardens.  They wore masks and Jon and I kept our distance as Charlie loaded up the bags and Kitty put them in the car.

It’s become a seasonal occurrence at the farm and having Kitty and Charlie here, even if they were wearing masks and we couldn’t help them, felt just a little bit normal.

As I watched them bag the manure, I knew I wanted to record it on my Corona Kimono.

I started the drawing this evening but didn’t get to finish it. I’m planning on filling the background in with veggies which will grow in Kitty and Charlie’s gardens.

There will also be some daffodils because to thank us for the manure, we got two very special ones from our friends.

The daffodils that Kitty and Charlie gave us.


2 thoughts on “Corona Kimono 4/29/20…

  1. Those are beautiful! Daffodils are the one spring flower the jackrabbits don’t eat. I love their sunshinie faces.

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