You Are Not Alone

Jon painting a flower on the sign for The Mansion

I brought up the leftover paint from the basement, cut a piece of canvas from a drop cloth and made a new sign to bring to The Mansion.

The last one Jon and I made was a rainbow with the words “We Love You” painted on it.

Jon has continued to help out at The Mansion raising money with the help of The Army of Good for a disinfecting fogger, special lunches, ice cream, coordinating penpals and getting toys for the children and grandchildren of the aides who work there.

I’ve emailed my coloring pages to Julie, the activities director,  so she can print them out and give them to anyone who wants one.

I do miss our spontaneous visits, the monthly classes, and the reading we used to do.  And we’ve been told that the people who live at The Mansion miss seeing us.

So Jon and I wanted to remind everyone there that even though we can’t visit, we’re still thinking about them.  In a little while we’ll go to The Mansion and hang the sign where the residents can see it from the window in the great room or the porch.

It’s a little thing, but little things seem to go a long way these days.

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