Piecing It Together

I’m still working on the small collages in the book that my friend Emily made and gave to me.

I took Emily’s advice (she has a lot of experience making collages) and am slowly working on more than one at a time.  I’m still using more fabric than paper, mostly because it’s what I have, but also because I’m used to working with it.

I think this one is done, but I may go back to it again.  I’ll have to see.

Emily had some extra collage making supplies so she sent me some that I just got in the mail today.  I also got a big jar of matt medium for attaching paper and fabric.  It also makes it easy to draw or paint over. I haven’t used any of my new supplies yet.  It always takes me a day or two to use anything new.

I’m still working on my red quilt and contemplating my self-imposed artist residency.   Or maybe it’s already begun.

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