Leopard Frog In The Yarrow

Jon was outside watering the gardens this morning when he called to me.  “I  think you’re going to want to see this”, he said.

And he was so right.

Just outside the back door a nice sized Leopard frog hopped into the yarrow growing next to the Bilco door. I was surprised to see a frog so far away from the marsh but read that they are often leave water and are found in meadows.

We used to have a toad that lived in my Back Porch Garden, but I didn’t see him last year.  Maybe he’ll be back again.  I don’t expect that the Leopard Frog will hang around.

4 thoughts on “Leopard Frog In The Yarrow

  1. The leopard frog is beautiful, I have never seen one before. I have two toads in my garden and a toad house for them. When the dogs see him they can’t quite figure out what it is:)

    1. I made a little toad house from an old broken piece of pottery, but I don’t think my toad was interested. Our cats kept away from the toad too. some toads are poisonous if eaten, they must know that.

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