Fanny And Lulu Shedding Out

Lulu and Fanny grazing this morning.

Lulu and Fanny have just begun shedding.  Today when I brushed them clumps of hair came off in the brush.  It takes a while for them to completely shed out.

When they do their bangs will be gone and their hair will be slick and tight against their bodies.  I always forget how different they look in the summer.  But it’s one of those gradual processes like watching the grass grow.

Fanny sheds out quicker than Lulu.  By the time Lulu gets rid of her winter hair it’s almost time for her to grow it back again.

4 thoughts on “Fanny And Lulu Shedding Out

  1. Which one is LuLu ? How can we tell the difference? The only thing I can tell is their mane’s color and their different shade of coat. But I am not sure if that is due to lightening? Thanks~

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