Back Porch Toad

I could tell the toad was trying to get up the step onto the back porch.  It seemed a long way for her to hop, and I guess it was because she climbed up instead.

We were having breakfast when I spotted her.

Jon and I both watched as she took her time, unfazed by our presence or the cats, and found some breakfast for herself.  We weren’t sure where she was going until we saw her snatch of a big black ant scurrying across the slate.

After eating she was hanging out too close to the back door so I put her in the garden.  I didn’t want one of us to step on her by mistake.

She took her time but soon disappeared in the plants.  I put a shallow dish of water in the garden for her, just in case she was thirsty after breakfast.

We had a much bigger toad living in the garden but haven’t seen her for a year or so.  It’s nice to have a garden toad again.

(I’m not sure if our toad is a male or female.  I just read that if their throat is white it a male and yellow is a female. Also a female has longer toes.  It’s hard to tell from the photo what color our toad’s throat is and her toes look long to me,  but I have nothing to compare them to.  So I’ll have to wait till I see her again to find out if she is really a she or she is a he.)

4 thoughts on “Back Porch Toad

  1. Our garden toad has not made an appearance yet, but we have several resident blue sided skinks and a few horn toads that enjoy sunning on our patio then scurrying off to the columbine patch! I love all of the visitors we see on our little farm!

    1. I just googled blue sided skink, They are so pretty! And Horn toads are very cool looking. Similar animals to what we have here, yet so different too.

  2. Her throat looks yellow to me so maybe she is a female. After all, she did come up on the porch near the Kitchen. Maybe she is a carona magnet toad. Her toes even look long. I think frogs are much prettier than toads. They are both, however interesting.
    It is a great picture…..makes her look “picture perfect.”

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