Shearing Asher and Issachar

Liz shearing Issachar

When Issachar and Asher first came to the farm last fall they had just been shorn and their wool was black (Issachar’s wool a bit darker than Ashers).    Over the past six months the sun bleached the exposed wool and it turned brown.

When Liz sheared both sheep today you could see the true color of their wool the closer it was to bodies.

4 thoughts on “Shearing Asher and Issachar

  1. I think it would be interesting to have just the twins wool spun together to see what happens when the bleached wool is spun with the naturally black wool.

    1. I’m going to leave both the twins wool natural Nancy. I don’t know if dying such a dark color would work. If you get some I’ll be interested to see how you feel about working with it.

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